Businesses around the world are struggling with the best method for data sanitisation across every IT asset. Data erasure is a data sanitisation method recommended by Gartner, NIST and ISO. Wiping of data to certain standards will only go so far. And, most business need an audit trail to prove compliance to data retention and sanitisation. PMC Technology works across the entire business and lifecycle of every IT asset. We support organisations by assisting in the development and enforcement of data removal policies to prove compliance and achieve the highest level of data sanitisation across every device and stage of the data.

  • Our data erasure software erases to 22 standards and provides tamper-proof reports to meet security and regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Our mobile diagnostics solution includes 52 automated tests to find errors on all Android and iOS mobile devices.
  • Our data erasure software has been tested, certified, approved and recommended by 18 governing bodies around the world.

Recommended Data Eraser Products

  • Drive Eraser - Securely erase sensitive data from HDDs and complex SSDs in desktop/laptop computers and servers.
  • File Eraser - Go beyond file shredding with secure erasure of sensitive files/folders with integration and automation of rules.
  • Removable Media Eraser - Permanently erase data from USB drives, SD cards, micro drives, CompactFlash cards and other flash memory storage devices.
  • Management Console - Centralised data erasure management reporting across every IT asset with the ability to integrate with your asset management systems.
  • Eraser Hardware - Broad on-site data erasure solutions for erasing large volumes of loose drives or damaged/EoL drives.

Data Sanitisation

In order to adhere to data sanitisation best practices, your organisation must deliberately, permanently and irreversibly remove or destroy the data stored on a memory device. And, do so in a way that there is no usable residual data, even with the use of advanced forensic tools. With our Data Eraser solutions, you can prove data sanitisation with the 100% tamper proof report.

Active Drive Eraser

With many of your IT assets in-use and residing on end user machines or active servers, it may seem nearly impossible to erase data that is no longer needed. With our Data Eraser solutions, you can develop GPOs in Microsoft Active Directory to erase data in real-time, without ever impacting your organisation.

Information Lifecycle Management

Data is an asset. And, like any other business asset, has value to your organisation. When looking at best practices for your information lifecycle management, it’s important to define where your data is stored, understand the business value, then establish data retention policies to store and, ultimately, remove the data. By incorporating data removal policies with our Data Eraser, enterprises can minimise the impact of a data breach, if/when one occurs, and adhere to most rigid data sanitisation practices.

Professional Services

Need assistance configuring, deploying and erasing within your enterprise? Let bring in our Certified Technical Engineers to guide you through best practices to achieve compliance. Contact us to see how we can help support you.

  • Erasure-as-a-Service - Receive on-site erasure services by one of our certified data erasure technicians.
  • Consulting Services - Let us help develop and deploy automated erasure processes using GPOs in Windows environments and erase files/folders to comply with the most challenging regulations.
  • Configuration Services - Easily deploy data erasure solutions across your devices to immediately experience the benefits of seamless data erasure in your business.

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