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We put your Milton Keynes business on the internet so you get more customers!

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How it all works

You choose a design from our selection of templates, we build your website and you reap the rewards

Successful companies need to be on the Internet to get even more business ... fact. If you have a professional looking website then you will get more customers ... fact.

Our business is to make your MK business have an impressive Internet presence, for a set price. Yes, there is only ONE price. £199.99 gets you a stunning simple website and a domain name that is relevant (dependent on global availability) or a short URL.


Not only do our websites use responsive web design, we are too - responsive to your business's website requirements.

Milton Keynes

We only deal with small companies within the Milton Keynes area (MK1 to MK19 post codes only) to help them expand their customer base.


We guide and help you through every stage of the simple process. 'Keep it simple' is our company's mission statement.

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